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You are invitedPerhaps some of You views our city as one of many places passed through along the way. But Koszalin is one of these cities, which you stop at more eagerly just to rest, visit and have a look around. As medieval pilgrims heading for Chełmska Hill, for which Koszalin was famous in ancient times, with curiosity exploring historic city buidings, taking advantage of rich cultural offer you will become convinced that Koszalinians are nice and courteous people. Koszalin is such a place in Poland where on a unique space between the Baltic Sea and the numerous lakes you may try various forms of activity: sport and outdoor recreation. The population of our city is 108 000 inhabitants and the city occupies the area of 98,33 km2 of picturesque terrain with four parks, river Dzierżęcinka flowing through, the ancient Chełmska Hill and on the East Lake Lubiatowskie with birds reservation and bordering on the North on Lake Jamno. In this unique space one is able to live to the fullest. In such way, so to taste every day of ones life, at each and every season of the year, better, in a different way. If You ever dreamed of living such hours and days, there  is not much else I may say, than to invite You to Koszalin. A happy and a successful life here is at arms length.

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