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Area of ​​the ITI instrument implementation

Based on the Inter-municipal Agreement of 28 March 2014, Integrated Territorial Investments Koszalińsko-Kołobrzesko-Białogardzki Territorial Area consists of 19 communes: Będzino, Białogard, the City of Białogard, Biesiekierz, Bobolice, Dygowo, Gościno, Karlino, Kołobrzeg, the City of Koszalin, the City of Koszalin Manowo, Mielno, Polanów, Sianów, Siemyśl, Świeszyno, Tychowo, Ustronie Morskie.

The most important goals of the ITI KKBOF implementation include the implementation of integrated projects that support the development of the entire ITI area, the integration of its residents and cooperation between local governments

in meeting the needs of cities and their functional areas.


Leader of ITI KKBOF

The leader of the ITI in the Koszalińsko - Kołobrzesko - Białogardzki Functional Area is the Municipality of Koszalin, which carries out tasks related to the implementation of the ITI instrument on the basis of an agreement with the Managing Authority of the RPO WZ 2014-2020 concluded on June 23, 2015.


The amount of ITI allocation in ROP WZ 2014-2020

The amount of funds allocated for the implementation of the ITI instrument in the Koszalińsko - Kołobrzesko - Białogardzki Functional Area is EUR 40 million, broken down into six different activities:

a. in non-competition mode:

 - building roads for bicycles ensuring safe and efficient transit of residents to workplaces, schools and other public institutions,

- purchase of low-emission bus rolling stock,

- reconstruction of local roads and connecting them with the S6 and S11 express road junctions,

- development of investment areas,

b. in the competition mode:

- development of innovative enterprises,

- creating new places in kindergartens,

- supporting primary, junior high and vocational education;


The basic document defining the goals and directions of development of the ITI KKBOF area is the ITI KKBOF Strategy, which, after a positive opinion from the Board of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship

and the Ministry of Development will enable the implementation of planned investments. The draft of the ZIT KKBOF Strategy is available on the website http://www.koszalin.pl/pl/zit


Basic statistical data of the ZIT KKBOF area

• Area - 3,175 km² - 13.8% of the voivodship's area;

• Population - 299.6 thousand inhabitants, (17.4%) of the voivodship's population;

• Population density - 94 people / km2, voivodship - 75 people / km2;

• Urbanization rate - 69%, the same as in the whole voivodship.


Integrated Territorial Investments in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship are implemented by two Intermediate Bodies (IB):

• Association of the Szczecin Metropolitan Area (SSOM)

• Koszalińsko-Kołobrzesko-Białogardzki Functional Area (KKBOF)

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