Green City

Koszalin is a real oasis of nature. Almost 40% of the total city area is occupied by green areas, parks and forests that comprise the Chełmska Hill with its recreation area. The expanse of greenery and the variety of botanica means that Koszalin is in fact a large botanical garden, a city dubbed as nature’s little metropolis.

Koszalin boasts as many as seven parks that offer shelter, relaxation and healthy exercise. There are in all 34 green areas (5 parks and 2 nature-paths have been entered on the list of natural heritage) and nature reserves. The charming Pomeranian Dukes Park (established in 1602-1816) has more than 120 tree and bush varieties, some very rare. There are 56 marked heritage trees, both native and exotic, that grow in the city. Among them are some considered as the oldest trees in Poland; a 300-year old sycamore, the Hangman’s Tree or Witch’s Tree, a 240-year old Chestnut Oak 470 cm in circumference and 28 m high in the green area of Zwycięstwa Street as well as a slightly younger Caucasian Walnut, 450 cm in circumference, which is over 200 years old, in Moniuszki Street. The most beautiful forest complexes are situated to the south and east of Koszalin. In the north there is the Koszalin Maritime Belt, which is a protected landscape area. The bird sanctuary on Lake Lubiatowskie that includes 300 ha of waters and 70 ha of swamps is located partly within the city limits. Two other reserves that will surely delight visitors surrounding the city are Lake Parnowskie and the Bielica reserve.

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