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Apart from the abovementioned institutions significant influence on city’s cultural image have socio-cultural societies. Among many societies special mention deserves functioning for more than fifty years The Proposals Theatre “Dialog” Society, the main organizer of “Integration You and I” – the European Film Festival. The Koszalin Society of Civic Music Circles and the Society for Promotion of Musical Education “Fraza”. Without doubt a considerable contribution to development of city’s cultural life have two artistic schools: Grażyna Bacewicz State Music School Complex and Władysław Hasior Schools of Arts Complex, as well as the Design Institute at Koszalin Polytechnics. A wide artistic and educational activity is also being performed by the Youth Palace in Koszalin ( The first in the region private musical theatre “Variete”, with its seat at Morska St. fits well in Koszalin’s cultural landscape. The cultural season in Koszalin lasts all year round and flourishes especially during summer vacation with “The Polonia Summer”, “Philharmonic Summer”, THE international Organ Festival. There is no need to recommend such events as “Youth and Film” Film Debut Festival, Hanza Jazz Festival, or the Summer Cabaret Festival as they have regular audience. In summer it is worth visiting “Jamno Fair, “The Mill Fair” held in the courtyard of Koszalin Museum. Great popularity among music lovers has staged in the amphitheatre opera performance. Giuseppe Verdi’s “ La Traviata” will be played in 2010. The concert in “Rose Park” are held in July and August and you are most welcome to attend them. Other important events held in the city include the European Film Festival „Integration You and I”, the International Accordion Band Music Festival, The Polonia Summer, the National Actor’s Song Festival – REFLEKTOR, the Koszalin Culinary Festival in the „Tastes Street”. Following is description of selected cultural events and some sport events.

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