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Activity of KARR S.A. is aimed at provision of support to economic development via:

  • Capital support of economic entities (Fundusz Pożyczkowy, Filia Zachodniopomorskiego Regionalnego Funduszu Poręczeń Kredytowych – Loan Fund, West Pomeranian Branch of the Regional Credit Guarantee Fund);
  • Economic consultancy services (development strategies, business plan, funds available for development of small and medium-sized companies). International investors servicing;
  • Participation, coordination and implementation of EU programmes;
  • Drafting applications;
  • Business events arrangement (fairs and presentations).

KARR S.A. has been accredited by PARP within the national System of Services for Small and Medium-Sized Companies in terms of the advisory, training and financial services.

It operates a Loan Fund providing loans on preferential terms to companies creating new jobs and a Consultancy & Advisory Point providing free of charge information and advisory services for small and medium-sized companies as well as for individuals taking up any business activity.

Koszalińska Izba Przemysłowo-Handlowa
[Koszalin Chamber of Industry & Commerce]
Plac Wolności 2-3, 75-622 Koszalin
tel. / fax  (+48 94) 34-23-103

The Koszalin Chamber of Industry & Commerce is an organisation associating entrepreneurs from the Middle Pomeranian region. Furthermore, its been registered in the Central Consultancy Register of the European Commission in Brussels.

The main objective of the Chamber is representation of the businesses associated therein. The Chamber strives for creation of favourable conditions for functioning and development of economic entities operating in Koszalin and the Middle Pomeranian region.

Północna Izba Gospodarcza w Koszalinie
[Northern Business Chamber in Koszalin]
ul. Racłwicka 15,
75-950 Koszalin
Tel. +48 943411083
Kom. +48 (0) 792-576-496

The principal aim of the Northern Business Chamber is to provide services of any sort to the businessmen associated therein:

  • Creation of the business lobby and integration of businessmen’s milieu, provision of education to employers and their workers,
  • Representation of companies before any national and international partners, arrangement of cooperation trips and assistance in winning funds for their accomplishment,
  • Helping to settle any problems associated with the business activity performed,
  • Publishing a Catalogue containing information on Chamber members, together with their cooperation bids translated into English and German.

Zrzeszenie Kupców i Przedsiębiorców
[Merchants and Entrepreneurs Association]
ul. Piłsudskiego 6, 75-511 Koszalin
tel./fax. (+48 94) 342-27-70

The Association is a social organisation of economic self-rule for entrepreneurs running their businesses in trade, gastronomy and services.

The Association provides comprehensive services for their members such as:

  • Provision of training courses in tax and insurance requirements/ regulations;
  • Provision of aid and advice on any economic, procurement and legal matters;
  • Cooperation with the state and local government bodies in any matters pertaining to Association’s members and protection of their interests;
  • Watching compliance by its members with the professional ethics code and reliable business performance.

Cech Rzemiosł Różnych
[Crafts Guild]
ul. Moniuszki 2, 75-557 Koszalin
Tel./Fax (+48 94) 340-43-45

It is a social and professional organisation for craftsmen. It performs social, organisational, cultural and educational activities.

Loża Koszalińska – Business Centre Club
Business Centre Club – Koszalin Lodge
Kanclerz Loży/Lodge Chancellor
adres do korespondencji/Address for correspondence:
75-736 Koszalin, ul. Gnieźnieńska 74,
tel. 0-94 3474714, fax 0-94 3474715

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