„Koszalin” Subzone of the Słupsk Special Economic Zone

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The city of Koszalin is located in the West Pomeranian Province, in Poland, at the distance of 6 km, in straight line, from the Baltic Sea. Koszalin is an important road junction intersected by S-6 international route linking Berlin with Kaliningrad and S-11 National Route linking the city with the south parts of Poland. It is a city of high potential, both economic and tourist. It’s natural boundary on the north side is the Baltic Sea whereas on the other sides – woodlands and lake areas. To date 22 investors operate within the „Koszalin” Subzone of the SSEZ with more than 1.800 employees.


Those Polish and international investors who have already invested their resources in the Koszalin Subzone of SSEZ found that this an ideal place for capital investment.

Benefits originating from investment in the Koszalin Subzone of SSEZ:

  • Ready for use investment area;
  • Excellent location;
  • No limitations in access to the infrastructure;
  • As the plots of land are allocated in accordance with investor needs, the investor saves a lot of money (this is in line with the entries made in the Municipal Physical Plan);
  • Tax incentives and exemptions;
  • Permanent contact with the investor until the plant/establishment is put in operation;
  • Qualified perspective staff;
  • Low labour cost;
  • Friendly investment environment and numerous international contacts;
  • As the area is ready to use, and thanks to the aid provided during the investment process, the whole investment can be quickly completed.

The Special Economic Zone is a preferential area where any entrepreneur can start his business activity in developed investment grounds.

The Subzone is located in the western part of Koszalin. It is situated nearby the International Route E-28 Berlin-Kaliningrad and National Route No 11 linking Koszalin with Poznań and the south of Poland.

Due to great interest of both Polish and International investors the acreage of the Koszalin Subzone SSEZ was extended four times. Currently its acreage is 150,1655 ha.

The investment area (59ha) comprises grounds without buildings thereupon, located at local roads in the industrial estate some 4 km away from the city centre in close vicinity of various production plants. The zone is well linked with local municipal road network. It is technically prepared for accomplishment of any investment projects. It refers to the part of above-mentioned areas, marked on the local zoning plan as 1US and 2US.

Intended use:
According to the local physical plan of the Organised Investment Activity Zone those grounds have been earmarked for production plants, warehousing and storage facilities. The admissible coverage of the plot area with buildings is 75%  (50%-65%-75%), and the height of the overground buildings should be up to 25m.

Plot sale :
The entrepreneurs buy the plots of land (title of ownership) by way of a tender procedure.

Tax incentives

1. Exemption from the real estate, land, buildings and structures tax.

The Municipal Council of Koszalin has fully exempt from real estate taxation the grounds, buildings and structures in the Zone area under the „de minimis” aid framework.

Only that entrepreneur who has been licensed to run the business activity in the Koszalin Subzone of SSEZ can avail himself of this exemption.

The real estate tax exemption cannot be awarded to any entrepreneur for whom the value of planned de minimis aid together with de minimis aid value already obtained in various forms and from various sources during three calendar years have exceeded the equivalent of Euro 200 000 gross . Furthermore, such aid cannot be awarded to any entrepreneur who has already obtained any aid other than de minimis with relation to the same qualified costs as the planned de minimis aid and the total aid amount would cause exceeding of the allowable aid intensity.

2. Income tax exemptions

The entrepreneurs running their businesses in the Koszalin Subzone are eligible, by way of the licence provided, for an exemption from the income tax due to investment outlays made (comprising, among other things, outlays for plant construction) or due to new jobs created.

New values for the maximum regional aid intensity for the entrepreneurs have been fixed as follows:

  • 35 % for a big entrepreneur (employing over 250 persons);
  • 45 % for medium-sized entrepreneur (employing up to 250 persons);
  • 55% for a small entrepreneur (up to 50 workers) and micro-entrepreneur (employing up to 10 persons).

The investment areas of the Koszalin Subzone SSEZ are located within the so-called “Organised Investment Activity Zone” i.e. City’s industrial estate. A number of production plants and service companies as well as non-developed areas are located in its neighbourhood.

Terms and conditions of support provided within SEZs:

  • investment of minimum 100 000 EUR,
  • continuance of the investment in the region for at least 5 years after completion of the whole investment (3 years for SME),
  • maintenance of employment level for at least 5 years (3 years for SME),
  • own capital is at least 25% of total investment costs.


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„Koszalin” Subzone of the SSEZ


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